The study of theology.One could argue that Theology is the world’s oldest discipline because it is the study of religion, and man has been studying religion since the dawn of time. It is a popular degree choice for people who want to become spiritual leaders, as well as for those who are interested in learning about the world’s religions from an objective point of view.

Unfortunately, Theology is a degree that is quite misunderstood. Many undergraduates shy away from Theology because they feel like they just learn about religion. This is not true. Theology is truly interdisciplinary, with classes in sociology, psychology, public speaking, and education. It is a holistic learning experience that gives students a wide range of skills that can be applied to almost any career path.

A Theology degree can lead to several rewarding career paths. If you love to travel and have a burning passion for helping the world’s less fortunate through spirituality, then you might want to spend time as a missionary. If you have a love for public speaking and are a gifted orator, then becoming a religious leader is your calling. You can use the knowledge obtained during the pursuit of your degree to deliver the word of your higher power in a way that makes a lasting impression on your audience. Lastly, you may find yourself being called to continue the circle and pay your knowledge forward to the next generation. Many students with an undergraduate degree in Theology go on to pursue graduate studies and obtain a teaching position at a prominent university.

Many people think the unemployment line is filled with people with Theology degrees, but that is simply not true. Faith-based jobs are recession proof since each town will have a spiritual institution, no matter the state of the economy. Also, organizations like hospitals, schools, and addiction recovery centers hire people with theology degrees as spiritual counselors. Organizations such as St. Judes Children’s Hospital, the Peace Corps, and the Red Cross are just a few examples. The average salary for someone with a Theology degree is $43,460. This is right around the national average for most other degrees, which proves that there is money to be made with a Theology degree. The salaries also have a range of $23,620 to $63,540, with those on the higher end occupying teaching positions at universities.

The best part about a Theology degree is that it can be pursued online. The only issue that may arise is setting up an apprenticeship if you plan on becoming a spiritual leader. This can usually be worked out by having the school contact your local spiritual institution to discuss your options. Other than that, all of the courses can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Studying online is a great option for those looking to pursue studies in a faith other than Christianity.

When it’s all said and done, it is obvious that a Theology degree is just as valuable as its more popular counterparts. It offers a variety of career paths that provide a decent living while rewarding one with the satisfaction of helping their fellow human beings.
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