Collaborative Catholic Formation MinistriesCollaborative Catholic Formation Ministries (CCFM) is a community of ministers dedicated to training youth leaders in the parishes of Brazos Valley, Texas. The goals of CCFM are to help young people deepen their experience of God, strengthen their Catholic faith, and enjoy spiritual unity with peers. Various forums are used to achieve these aims, including camps, retreats, and rallies. As a result, young people enjoy a personal relationship with God, develop a love for the sacraments, and become more involved in the life of the Church.

CCFM provides youth leaders with spiritual formation, theological education, and professional training. Leaders are enveloped in a supportive atmosphere of prayer and fellowship. Working together, they receive the benefits of collective knowledge and experience.

CCFM believes youth ministry can be enhanced by the presence of more than one leader in a parish. Toward this end, it seeks to empower churches with a team of youth leaders. In this way, the responsibility of youth formation is shared. This prevents the burnout and turnover that often occur when only one person serves as a youth leader.

Another goal of CCFM is to create consistency in formation. By providing a standard model of ministry, strong leadership is sustained, even when there is staff turnover.

The programs offered by CCFM are designed to be cost-effective and affordable for churches of all sizes.


CCFM hosts a trinity of ministries – Youth, Parent, and Volunteer. Each ministry has innovative programs designed to achieve specific goals.


The goal of Youth Ministry is to enable young people to experience how much God loves them and wants to be in close relationship. The programs of Youth Ministry are tailored to specific age groups.

Ignite – a program to help middle school students realize how much God loves them and is reaching out to them. Ignite kindles the desire to form a personal relationship with God.

Journey – a program for high school youth, explaining foundational Catholic truths. It prepares students to embark on the journey of life after graduation, secure in an ongoing experience of faith.

Confirmation Preparation – a series of six classes explaining the process of confirmation and the graces to be granted. It includes a Day of Reflection, a Weekend of Renewal, and a Sponsor Workshop.

Revive Youth Rally – a summer event for high school and middle school students. The full-day itinerary includes music, worship, outdoor activities, speakers, mass, and Eucharistic Adoration. It spurs enthusiasm in young people for the Catholic faith. It also enables area youth ministries to announce upcoming summer programs and events.

Bible Study – separate study groups for girls and boys that meet weekly to explore Bible themes in the context of modern life.

Retreats – fun forums for middle and high school students, leading them deeper into the Catholic Faith. Retreats feature games, music, group discussions, prayer, and the sacraments.


CCFM has two programs to help parents incorporate faith into family life.

Beyond the Pew – a video series showing parents how to encourage conversation about faith in the home, applying what is learned in church to daily life.

Parental Guidance – a support group for parents, meeting twice monthly, where parents share how they teach the Catholic faith to their children.


Volunteers are the vital champions of youth ministry, managing the all-important details. They include group leaders, office staff, meal helpers, and prayer partners. CCFM trains volunteers to minister effectively while strengthening their own faith.

Discipleship Workshop Series – programs teach the practical aspects of how to work with young people. Classes are open to parents, catechists, youth leaders, and volunteers.


CCFM focuses on three aspects of training for youth leaders: spiritual formation, theological education, and professional development.

Spiritual Formation – Youth leaders commit to:

  • daily spend time in personal prayer
  • daily pray with other staff members
  • regularly attend mass
  • frequently receive the sacrament of reconciliation
  • weekly engage in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • annually attend two individual retreats
  • annually attend two extended staff retreats

Theological Education – Youth leaders must be Certified Catechists.

Professional Development – Leaders are requested to attend the Center for Ministry Development and become certified in Youth Ministry.


Just as our experience of God is based on an understanding of the trinity, the ministry of CCFM is three-dimensional. It is:

  • Relational – Ministry is focused on dynamic relationship with young people.


  • Goal-Centered – Powering every program is a goal and specific steps for achievement.


  • Multidimensional – Youth programs include religious education, athletic activities, social involvement, and fun!

Collaborative Catholic Formation Ministries seeks to be an active expression of the love of Christ. Luke 18:16 in the New American Standard Bible quotes Jesus as saying “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” CCFM strives to lead children to the Lord and foster a fulfilling relationship with Him.
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