Becoming an Ordained Minister in the United States

Despite a seeming shift towards Atheism and general apathy, the United States still remains one of the most religious nations in the world, at least when asking Americans what religion they belong to. According to a Pew Research poll done in 2012, 76% of Americans identify with one religion or another, opposed to the 24% […]

10 Great Reasons to Become a Minister and Share God’s Word

Being a minister is oftentimes a career some men and women want to have, but they just aren’t sure if it will be worth their time. Ministers and preachers are basically the people who share the Word of God in different Churches and events. There are many benefits to becoming a minister. It is definitely […]

Options and Education for Becoming a Ordained Minister

Becoming a minister can be a rewarding profession. Your main role is to be able to serve God and serve others by offering your services to those in times of grief or other special need. While most ministers attend a seminary to obtain their theological education and prepare to be ordained, there are others who […]